Caterpillar equipment has a stellar reputation for being the pioneer of the manufacturing industry based on their groundbreaking strategies for producing fresh contemporary developments, product improvements and features. Dating back to 2009, consumers insisted on a heavy duty, strong, fuel-conserving, and versatile dozer. Caterpillar answered this demand by producing the Cat D7E track-type tractor. This became a powerful option for buyers interested in obtaining an impressive machine with the benefits of enhanced fuel-efficiency, reduced cost of lifetime service, and greater output production appealed to the masses when measured against tractors of similar characteristics in its category.

The D7E boasts a combination of an electric power and diesel hybrid system, which is cost-effective in service and low maintenance, while being vigorous enough to transport increased amounts of products. Caterpillar constructed an electric drive system, specifically made for track-type tractor purposes, the beginning of a diverse spectrum of modern drive heavy equipment. Presented with the Clean Air Excellence Award from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the D7E was honored for its conscientious progress in enhancing the quality of the air.

The power train oil system reduces oil usage by 50 percent and therefore doubles the lasting power compared to other tractors. A supplementary innovation of the tractor is the conservation of operating costs while minimizing oil consumption by reducing additional moving components. This technological advancement, as opposed to traditional mechanical drive systems, diminishes the amount of parts that may eventually collapse or fail. By crafting these mechanical improvements on the power train oil system lead to a 50 percent longer life expectancy.  This fuel-conserving, skillful machine has no doubt provided consumers with enormous advantages.

One of the benefits of the exclusion of gears and clutches of the D7E, Caterpillar declared, was the capacity of efficient pivoting and smoother control.  This groundbreaking operating system improved productivity and flexibility more than any preceding machines with a mighty electrical generator, powered by 235 net horsepower Cat C9,3 ACERT diesel engine.  Following this development, the enhanced drive train effectiveness of Caterpillar continued to surpass the performance of competing higher horsepower dozers.

Caterpillar’s mechanical advancements and innovations established new standards to be met by its rivals, through constantly redesigning its machinery to improve the efficiency, durability and performance of heavy equipment. When determining which used heavy equipment to buy that will be strong and reliable, Caterpillar continues to remain an excellent option for any kind of work or location.

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