Cummins energy unit functionality boosted with new energy take-offs

Launched at Hillhead 2018, Cummins’ energy items can be found from 75 – 503kW (100 – 675hp) delivered as an entire and ready-made bundle.  This includes an engine, exhaust aftertreatment system, radiator and cooling system, plus auxiliaries equivalent to mounting toes, hoses and an air cleaner.  Extra than 60 % of the content material is pre-approved, making the machine integration course of less complicated and faster.

Examples of installations so far embody the L9 Energy Models powering Anaconda’s new J12 and I12 crushing machines. The B6.7 model is obtainable with Bandit in its Intimidator 20XP tree chipper plus NLB Corp’s water jetting techniques.

For instance, fitted with the twin REPTO, the L9 may have a complete drive functionality of 560 Nm.  It will make the engine able to driving further pumping functionality by SAE B 2 and 4 bolt mounts.  Built-in into the flywheel housing the twin REPTO is compact and has a minimal influence on engine packaging.  Added weight is roughly 100kg.

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